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For the last ten years, Elliott Katz a former Holocaust Museum docent and lecturer, has explored the issues of religious, racial, national and political hatred in the twentieth century. In a series of seven presentations using video, audio, photographic and archival material he explores how countries, political leaders, academics and ordinary people reacted to discrimination, persecution, mass murder and genocide. Lectures sponsored by Hodges University to educate, inform and inspire.



Exploring the worlds reaction to the events of the twentieth century that began with prejudice and progressed to persecution and Genocide

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March, 2020

Righteous among the nations

The final presentation is always dedicated to Anne Frank who in her optimism, joy, and all-consuming innocence represents the 1,500,000 children murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices.

March, 2020

The German who protested and died, and the women of valor

Germans who protested against Hitler and the Nazis were summarily executed by decapitation and firing squad. Incredibly thousands of gentile women protested to protect their Jewish husbands.

February, 2020

The other triangles, the pink, the purple and the brown

Every so called, inferior persecuted by the Nazis shared a common badge, a triangle. Their stories must be told.

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